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Teeth Whitening


Teeth become stained from food, drink, tobacco and bacterial pigments. There are various ways to safely remove the stains and yellowing, leaving a whiter, more radiant smile.

These include whitening mouthwash, whitening pens, strips, bleaching gel, laser bleaching and natural bleaching. A laser light is used to accelerate the bleaching process in a dental clinic.

Depending on the patients lifestyle, bleaching can last up to several months.

Over time, our teeth acquire extrinsic stains as a result of eating and drinking certain foods and beverages. They also yellow with age, as a result of acquiring pigmentation inside the teeth, regardless of how well we brush our teeth.

There are various ways to safely remove these stains and leave a whiter, more radiant smile by using a Teeth Whitening procedure, also called Dental Bleaching.



-    Consultation to achieve desired final teeth colouring

-    Exposing the teeth, having covered lips and gums

-    Application of the Zoom hydrogen peroxide whitening gel

-    A 15 minute Zoom Laser Light session to activate the applied gel

-    The same procedure is repeated up to a total of 45-60 minutes, dependent on desired whitening result

-    Sensitivity reducing gel application