Composite Bonding



What is Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding is an affordable and fast solution to improve the shape and appearance of your decayed, chipped, fractured or discoloured front teeth. It involves bonding a tooth-coloured resin material to existing teeth to reshape them or improve their colour. Reshaping includes closing gaps in between teeth or make teeth look longer. It can also be used to protect roots that have been exposed due to receding gums. The restoration will last 5-6 years before it needs to be polished up or repaired in some way.


Benefits of Composite Bonding

  • Dental bonding is safe and reliable. It is non-aggressive to teeth and entirely reversible. 
  • Composite bonding doesn’t require removal of any tooth structure unless a decay is involved. 
  • Composite bonding is a completely pain free procedure. No drilling or anaesthetic are required provided that a deep decay is not involved.


Steps of the Procedure

  • Clinical examination including choosing a shade for the resin colour that will match existing teeth and consultation.
  • Administration of local anaesthetic in case a decay is involved and removal of the decayed part of the tooth.
  • Slightly abrading the surface of the tooth for the resin to adhere.
  • Shaping the tooth if necessary.
  • Coating the tooth's exposed surface with a gel.
  • Application of the bonding agent.
  • Administration of a special light for the bonding agent to get hardened.
  • Trimming and polishing the restoration until it matches the rest of the tooth surface.




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Can I Whiten a Bonded Tooth?

Dental bonding won’t whiten with bleach (the same as veneers and crowns). We recommend that you bleach your teeth before starting the bonding process.



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