How To Choose The Best Dentist ?


Teeth are important, no doubt about that. As a consequence, so is choosing a good dentist. But how to choose? To help you choosing a clinic (at home or abroad), Tourmedical prepared a checklist, based on our years of experience and expertise:

Check the website of the clinic, or call them, and ask about their products. Check if they use proven, quality products, of known quality brands.

Clearness and transparency of communication and explanation of procedures and prices. When you search on the internet for information, and usually this is the starting point with medical tourism, you search for prove that behind that online website, there is a real practice with real people. Contact them by phone and ensure that if you have a question about a product or a problem, there are real people to inform you.

How qualified are their dentists? Look at the expertise and specialization of the dentists. Check by phone or e-mail whether the dental practice really has the solution for your specific problem.
Do they provide a realistic treatment plan beforehand, with an estimate of the costs, composed for your individual situation?
Price – quality rate: compare the price, the product and service quality between clinics before you make a decision.
Do they have hygiene and quality certifications or standards ?
Are there any extra services provided, like pick up service from and to the airport, personal assistance in your language etc.?
Location of the clinic itself, but also the city where it’s located; the latter is especially of importance when choosing a dentist abroad, for your treatment and a holiday combined. At Tourmedical, we yearly provide hundreds of people beautiful teeth while they enjoy a nice holiday in sunny Kusadasi. Medical tourism, especially cosmetic dental treatments, are highly developed in Turkey and Kusadasi is the ideal location for medical tourism because of the abundant facilities and variation in touristic activities.
Is there an after care? Do you know what happens if you experience problems after the treatment? At Tourmedical, we give clear instructions on how to take care of your new teeth when you go back home. If there are any problems, you can always contact us.
Are there patient evaluations, testimonials and before-after x-rays on the website? The appreciation of clients of the dentist demonstrate the quality of the treatment. They can tell from their own experience how high they rate the quality. An informative website can explain much, but the words of actual clients can provide you with more information. The results of a clinic in the past, are a predictor for the future.

DentistKusadasi started in 2005 and our history of 12 years has provided us with very valuable feedback from our patients. Our patients have characterized our service as “high quality dental treatment for a reasonable price”. Patients from West-European countries prefer Turkey due to its low-cost labor, lower cost of living, and affordable holiday prices. Our patients can save up till 80% compared to their own country.

Unfortunately, we hear that some doctors or dentists think that medical treatments are of high quality only in Western Europe. That is however far from the truth. In Turkey, especially optometric and dental treatments are of high quality and most modern techniques are being used. The Turkish eye specialists and dentists perform many cases of certain procedures, and become better and better in their discipline. The skeptical reactions of for example your own dentist may be due to their own prejudice, even to the protection of their own practice. However, globalization can’t be stopped. Especially not when one is searching for de best service for the best price.

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