Composite Fillings



What is a Composite Filling?

Composite fillings, also known as white fillings, are used to replace the parts of the tooth that have been lost due to a number of reasons including decay, wear and tear and accidental damage. Composite fillings are made from powdered glass and plastic. They are less obvious compared to traditional amalgam (silver) fillings as well as being non-toxic. 


Benefits of Composite Fillings 

  • The most obvious benefit of composite fillings is that unlike amalgam fillings they look like natural teeth and blend in with your smile. They can be custom-shaded to match the surrounding tooth structure. 
  • To place amalgam fillings, significant tooth structure must be removed. Composite fillings are less invasive. More natural tooth structure can be left intact.
  • Amalgam restorations expand and contract with temperature fluctuations, which can compromise the structural integrity of a restored tooth. As composite fillings do not respond to temperature changes in this manner, the risk of future damage is reduced.
  • Today’s composite fillings are strong, durable and can be placed in any area of the mouth without fear of damage.
  • Unlike amalgam restorations, composite fillings can be repaired easily. If your composite filling has been chipped or worn down, it can simply be reinforced with resin.
  • They bond extremely well to enamel.


Steps of the Procedure

  • Clinical examination, evaluation of the X-Ray and consultation.
  • Administration of local anaesthetic in case a deep decay is involved.
  • Removing the decayed part of the tooth by a drill or air abrasion.
  • Slightly abrading the surface of the tooth for the resin to adhere.
  • Placing the composite resin in layers over the opening.
  • Using a special light source to harden each layer of the composite resin material.
  • When filling of the tooth is completed, shaping and polishing the composite resin to resemble a real tooth both for aesthetic and functional reasons.





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Can I replace my old amalgam (silver) restorations with composite (white) fillings?

Yes! If you’re concerned about toxic mercury in your amalgam restorations or not pleased with their look, they are easy to replace with composite fillings. 



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